Club Café — June 24, 2006
Photos by Jim Owston — My Personal Favorite Shots

The band — due to our closeness to the stage,
I was only able to get everyone in one shot - my very last.

Simon Nicol and Chris Leslie

Ric Sanders and Simon Nicol

Ric Sanders, Simon Nicol, and Chris Leslie "Meet on the Ledge"

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Chris Leslie

Chris Leslie bouzouki and vocals

Chris Leslie vocals and mandolin

Chris Leslie on Native American Flute

Chris Leslie hitting the high mandolin harmonics

Chris Leslie mandolin and vocals

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Ric Sanders

Ric Sanders or is it Paganini

Ric Sanders in my only decent natural light shot of him

Ric Sanders — pizzicato

Ric Sanders violin

Ric Sanders violin harmonics

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Simon Nicol

Simon Nicol — guitar and vocals "forever, forever . . .the road goes on torever"

My favorite Simon Nicol natural light shot

Simon Nicol

Simon Nicol

Simon Nicol in a pensive mood

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© 2006 James M. Owston